Is Key Person Insurance Tax Deductible?

Key man / key person insurance is a specially designed type of life insurance intended to protect businesses from the loss of one of the key people in the organisation. In many smaller companies much of their success rides on the shoulders of one or two critical people, and if that person was suddenly lost, it could spell disaster for the business. Key person insurance will provide much needed capital at such a time, so that the company can fill holes in its profits, recruit a replacement or buy out a director without creating a crisis. Continue reading “Is Key Person Insurance Tax Deductible?”

Financial Planning for Small Business Owners

For most small business owners, their personal lives and business life are pretty much one and the same thing. Being inseparable from your business is not a bad thing, but it is important to incorporate a healthy amount of personal financial planning into your plans, to make the most of both the challenges and opportunities presented by being a small business owner. Continue reading “Financial Planning for Small Business Owners”

Top 5 Twitter Accounts For Financial News

If you’re not a regular user of Twitter for much more than catching up on celebrity gossip, you might be wondering what part it can play in helping your business. Well, you might be surprised to know that numerous businesses, large and small, get the scoop first by making the right connections on this rapid transit social network. Continue reading “Top 5 Twitter Accounts For Financial News”